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CHC awarded in Feb but carers still not paid


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Jan 14, 2013
My father was awarded CHC 2 months ago and the CCG told me they were contacting the care agency for invoices. They were duly invoiced but still have not paid anything. This is obviously unfair on the carers. Is this situation common? What should I do? Thanks for any advice.


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
It certainly is not acceptable but the contract will be between the NHS and the care agency and therefor upto them to sort it between them. I hope the agency are not badgering you about it.

It might be worth you contacting the CCG if you think the agency may withdraw the care because of the unpaid invoices.


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Jan 14, 2013
Thanks Jaymor the agency aren't badgering me. My concern is that they will resent the fact that Dad got chc because it means they are not being paid, and so come the next review may not be so supportive. The worst case scenario is they have to pull out. They are the 3rd agency we've had, and the only competent one. I have been told by the dementia team there isn't another one in the area that could cope with Dad.

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