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changes i have been informed about

dedicated doe

Registered User
Aug 24, 2007
wirral merseyside
HI Again,because of my husbands condition i was advised to seek an enduring power of attorney to which i have now sorted, i was informed by our solicitor that it was a good time to do it because in October this year, the law regarding the EPA is changing and further assessments of the person involved will be given,i do not know if any other carers are aware of the changes due i can only go by what i was advised to do myself.Regards Dedicated Doe.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Thank you Doe. I`m glad you got it sorted in time.

It`s true there will be changes after September 30th. There have been a few posts about the new LPA, but thank you for posting as there will always be someone who doesn`t know.

Take care xx