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    My Dad has advanced dementia and is currently being cared for in an NHS facility. This placement is temporary and he will be moved to a nursing home upon his release. His wife has POA over his affairs and well being but I have had growing concerns that she is now demonstrating the onset of dementia and I don’t feel at all confident in her decision making about my fathers care. I would like to challenge her POA and wondered if someone could guide me on how to begin. We reside in Scotland so UK wide laws may not apply here so it would need to be specific to Scottish law I think.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Hi and welcome to Talking Point. I'm glad you have found the forum.

    Although I'm in Scotland as well I'm afraid I have no experience regarding challenging a POA. I wondered if you might phone the Alzheimer Scotland Helpline. It's open 24/7 and the number is

    0808 808 3000

    This is a link to their legal and financial page -

    I'm pretty sure I remember them having a factsheet with the contact details for solicitors who are experienced in dealing with situation regarding the elderly. I'll have a look for it. I think a word wth a solicitor might be helpful.
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    I have the copy of the sheets about solicitors here with me but I can no longer find it online in the Alz Scot Website. It's called 'Solicitors specialising in adults with incapacity/mental health'. It's an Information sheet but it's dated 2009. It will be well out of date and it looks like Alz Scot may no longer produce this kind of thing. If you give their helpline a ring I'm sure they will be able to advise.

    The list of things they can advise on includes legal and financial.

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