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Central news this evening... Carers on 34p per hour

exhausted 2015

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Jul 5, 2015
stoke on trent
Central news this evening highlighted a typical carers day caring for someone with dementia.. It was daughter caring 24/7 for her mother.. The daughter did a video diary of a typical day... And it was so familiar... The carer was trying to make the point that more help was needed for carers... She commented on the carers allowance working out at just 34p an hour, I don't suppose this one small feature will be enough to change anything but at least the general public got a glimpse at the carers roll... Did anyone else in the Midlands see it?


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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
I saw it. My thoughts, a bit sanitised, but at least it was getting publicity.

I think the most impact will be the thought of being paid 34p an hour..... But in my opinion, no impact to exactly what you do for that 34p

I also felt it was "lost" within the awful situation of salve labour - tho thinking about it, that's a link between the two stories in a way, but it could be considered we have a choice as the others don't.

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May 3, 2015
Didn't see it, but I do think the whole care-funding situation needs much more publicity in general. There are so many demands on everyone these days and it needs to be talked about.

Alison N

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Jan 3, 2015
There are so many carers that don't get the allowance at all. If you are claiming the state pension then the Government expect you to do it free of charge. The excuse is that the benefits overlap??? I didn't know that the state pension was a benefit as I have contributed to national insurance for 49 years but obviously I am mistaken.


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May 21, 2014
It's 37p when I calculate it, not that it makes a difference. No one works 24/7 but even if you calculate just 35 hours a week, which is the minimum for receiving CA, it works out as just £1.77 per hour, which is less than any minimum wage even for young people. I think CA is classed as a wage replacing benefit which is of course absolute nonsense. You don't get it for more than one person you care for, you don't get it with a State Pension, and the money you get is so laughable that no one could live of it on its own. If the government really was serious about carers, they'd give us about £350 a week and call it a wage!
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Oct 7, 2014
Did not see it as I live in a different area. But my bugbear is the pious claptrap that we should all do more to look after our relatives. As a charity volunteer I have had plenty of clients who literally have no relatives and then there are others who are over 70 with parents of 90 plus. As I said to the pacemaker clinic last year when they happily told my mum her pace maker battery will last another 10 years do you really think I am bringing her here for a replacement when I am 83.

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