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CDN is suggesting Dad looks at Extra Care accommodation; any advice?


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Dec 29, 2012
Dad has vascular dementia, lives alone, carers three times a day. Significant memory loss, getting a bit doddery on his legs now. He has three cats, who he loves a lot. He lives in a ground floor flat in a small close full of young families and couples. He goes to a day centre four days a week. I have no other family and work full time but I do Dads shopping, washing, ironing, cleaning, all appointments and banking and anything else.
Dad is lonely and his Community Dementia Nurse is talking about Dad moving into Extra Care accommodation about 7 miles away from wher he lives. He could take pets. Does anyone have experience of this kind of set up? When he's at home he doesn't see anyone all day except his carers and me. Would it help him or would the upheaval make him detriorate further? Dad isn't self funding but he has a shared ownership on his current flat.
Any advice would be appreciated, not sure I can cope with everything and with work for much longer and I can't afford to give up work.


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Jul 2, 2011
My parents moved to extra care flat,sadly it didn't work out because they both deteriorated to the point where it wasn't working,Dad was in a nursing home within 8 months,Mum did a bit better but is now in a care home.No fault the staff,just a sad sequence of events.I now think the move happened too late,Dad has AD and never really coped with the change,Mum didn't cope with him not coping!Maybe a few years earlier it would have been a different story.Sorry if I seem negative,just my experience


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Jan 5, 2014
My mum's in extra care. There are activities but she has to take herself to them. I do her shopping and she pays for cleaning and washing - as she is self funding I don't know if SS would pay for this - maybe.

I have read that SS like to try this first before care home as it is cheaper for them.

It is a perfect set up for my mum. She gets her own breakfast, makes her own cups of tea and makes a sandwich in the evening. She goes to restaurant for her lunch (took a bit of persuasion/teaching). She was a bit confused about layout of flat for 2 or 3 weeks but did learn it.

I think if they move at the right stage it is really good - same care team on site all the time etc.

Hope that helps.