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CCTV Cameras


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Jan 4, 2016
Has anyone on here used CCTV cameras in the home of dementia sufferer?
My father is 83 and lives alone. We care for him during the day and early evening but at bedtime he is on his own and has just started to go walk abouts during the night/early hours of the morning.

We are thinking of having CCTV cameras fitted in his home so that we can monitor his movements during the night and get to him if he goes outside.

Would be grateful for any thoughts you might have.

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Hi Jackjim,

When my Mom was at home I fitted cameras to both front and back doors that alerted me by email if she had gone out or, more importantly for me, if anyone came to the door. The cameras were fitted inside and also had sound so I could access them and listen in to make sure she was OK.

When she had carers coming in I fitted a few more and was glad I did.:mad:

However unless you live next door, to be able to "live view" or get alerts your Father will need an internet connection (I assume you already have one).

There have been many posts on here about door monitors and the like and often the Local Authority have schemes available. If you click on "Forum Home" near the top of the page and find the forum marked "Equipment and Technology" and have a read through you might find some more information.

I wish you well but please bear in mind that although monitoring a Loved One like this can be a great help it can also be quite distressing and is not for everyone.