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Apr 5, 2014

My mum hasn't been diagnosed with Dementia yet due to ongoing infections which have resulted in numerous hospital admissions over the last couple of years. After each hospital discharge her cognition gets worse. She shows the classic signs of dementia when she's well, such as forgetfulness, unable to deal with money, imagining that people are coming into the house in the night and steaing things, etc. She has a memory test appointment for next week, which may have to be cancelled again.
She is in hospital at the moment due to an infection and for the first time she has a catheter attached. She has been deemed medically stable and they want to send her home with the catheter, however, she hasn't a clue what it is, what it's for and thinks that the 'nuns have give to her to look after' so it's a bit of a worry.
We have told the hospital staff that we do not think she has the mental capacity to cope with the catheter, especially living on her own and especially over night. She has already said that she would 'cut it off' when she gets out and if she gets an infection, which I'm aware can happen with a catheter, she may pull it out and that will cause all sorts of problems.
She did have carers coming in three times a day but that care package has been cancelled due to her being in hospital for a couple of weeks. We suggested rehab in a care home but when they came to do her assessment they refused to take her.
Does anyone have any idea where I can go with this now?

Thanks so much


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Did the care home say why they couldn't accept her? Is it because she needs more care than they can provide (perhaps in a nursing home)?

It certainly sounds as if your mum won't manage the catheter at home at present and Iam just "bumping up" your post as I am sure others with more experience of hospital discharges will be able to help.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Im sure your mum would not be able to cope with a catheter at home, and I m pretty sure she would need a nursing home.
If she is discharged from hospital she should be assessed by social services and care put in place before discharge. She should also get 6 weeks care paid for. Who contacted the CH - was it you or social services? If SS agree that she should be in a nursing home, then they will need to find one who will accept her.
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