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Caring for someone with dementia who you don't live with

Leanne B

New member
Mar 31, 2020
I am seeking some advice. After already talking to both alzheimers society and 111 they have confirmed if you are a carer for someone who you don't live with, providing you stick to the guidelines and are safe etc, you can take them on a walk for up to an hour even if you do not live with them as you are their carer and are helping look after them which includes their health and wellbeing.
Please can anyone else confirm this for me. Thanks Leanne


Registered User
Mar 25, 2016
Welcome to the forum Leanne, you'll find lots of support and advice here. I haven't read anything within the Government guidance to suggest that the advice that you have already been given by the alzheimer's society and 111 is wrong. Everyone can go out for a walk/exercise once a day but obviously follow the safety guidance and ensure that you don't go within 2 metres of anyone else when you are both out, and make sure that you both wash your hands thoroughly before and after leaving home. If you can, stick to a time of day when wherever you are planning to walk to may be quieter.


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
Hello @Leanne B
A warm welcome to DTP

I can't see that anyone will have a problem with you both going for a walk, as long as it's safe for each of you and you observe the safe distancing and hygiene rules

I'd say it's important to have some exercise and fresh air for both of you

If one of you begins to show any symptoms then no more walks, time to stay at home