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carers allowance?


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Mar 17, 2015
My brother has moved in with mum who is dementia suffer. Diagnosed a year ago.
He is undoubtedly entitled to carers allowance, how do i go about this. Who needs to assess mum?
grateful of ANY advice from you all. x


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May 21, 2014
No one needs to assess your Mum but she must get a qualifying benefit like Attendance Allowance. He will just need to fill in a form, either online or a hard copy and send some info about last employment. I had to enclose the last two pay slips plus my former employer details so they can check you don't earn more than £102 a week. As for the 35 hours caring a week, you don't have to detail that, just tick the yes box and it's not going to be questioned. Any advice you need about the form, you can ring the DWP up or ask a charity to help you fill it in. My application was approved in 9 days and backdated to Monday after last week of employment.

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