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Carer to pay rent for 24/7care


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Jun 19, 2016
Thank you for your reply. I have always lived with my mother. I do not have a house of my own but would rather live in my own home and take my mother with me. My mother would find it difficult in another place otherwise I would if I was permitted move her into another (lesser) place than she currently has and is used to. However, I feel like I am being blackmailed by the other POA.

No one will tell me if I have to pay rent. I keep being referred from pillar to post. Is anyone else in this situation? I have been told by the Office of Public Guardian that my mother's Attendance Allowance is for her not for compensating me for my care.

I would never have given up my job if I had known this was the situation. The problem is my sister the other POA causing problems.
I've been in the same position with you except I was the only POA and rent was never demanded and I say you shouldn't be paying rent. I would suggest to your sister that she could have your mum at her house to stay occasionally to give you a break.



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Jun 29, 2020
I live with my mum who has Alzheimer's and needs 24/7 care from me. She wants to stay in her own home as long as is possible and be cared for by me. She gets full Attendance Allowance.

I have been told by the Office of Public Guardian that I should pay food and utilities which I have done despite my mother's long standing wish that I should not have to pay these while I am looking after her. Now my sister/joint POA is making our lives miserable by suggesting I should be paying rent for the roof above my head (I have a room but no privacy as my mum wanders into my room several times during the night requiring help and reassurance). How is it possible to expect me to pay for being available to help my mother? My mother and I think it is ridiculous but my mother may no longer have the capacity to express her previous and current feeling. I have sought an advocate for her. I now have to wait weeks to speak to a lawyer about this. I keep getting conflicting advice. I have no income other than Carer's Allowance so am having to use savings to look after my mother as it is. My mother currently has enough money from her pensions and Attendance Allowance and is actually saving money. She has never charged rent to any family member who has lived with her including her other Power of Attorney.
My older bother and I are both attourneys named on my mother's LPA (financial and property). Whilst we were waiting for that LPA to become active we both also arranged with the DWP to be Appointees which allowed the DWP to have mum's State Pension and Attendance Allowance to be paid into my bank account so that I could deal with monetary items such as paying any bills that weren't covered on her direct debits and for paying for normal purchases such as groceries and personal items. As my only income at the moment is Carers Allowance and an extra premium which comes in a less that £100 per week in total (bearing mind I also have to pay the household bills on my own property whilst I stay with mum) it was agreed that the my food would come out of mum's money. I pay for my own personal purchases. I would suggest you get in contact with the DWP and speak to them about becoming an Appointee. Once you have arranged for that, you will need to keep receipts as the DWP renew this each year as long as they are satisfied you are using your mother's money fairly. The LPA, I believe, is for taking control of your mothers bank account(s) and card.


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Oct 17, 2015
@Panicky I don’t know your family dynamic, but how about just saying a very firm “NO, and it’s not up for discussion“ to your Sister if she brings up the subject of rent again? I think she’s got a damn cheek.