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carer burden


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Mar 25, 2007
i am a student nurse doing a project on carer burden.I feel that alot of the responsibility for caring for loved ones with dementia has been shifted towards the family.im looking for views on carer burden, what support there is and what support is needed,thankyou very much karen


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May 14, 2006
Dear Karen,
My Mum was given very little help and most of it was for her rheumatoid arthritis or her deafness, physical disabilites rather than dementia. The social worker didn't think she needed any help, because she was able to get out of bed, wash and dress herself and prepare hot drinks and food in the microwave.
Getting muddled up with medication, confusing day and night and having frightening hallucinations, didn't count as problems. If there is a relative somewhere on the scene, then the social services will try to avoid giving any help, even when there is a crisis situation.


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Sep 22, 2006
Hi karen

my dad looked after my mum at home for the 8 years of her illness yes the social worker did eventualy make arrangements for restpite only after my dad had sufferd a heartattak thank god he was ok. If my dad needed to get holdof the socialworker he was only ringing to let her know my mum had been addmited to hospital he could never get an answer or someone else would answer andsay she is away for a few weeks. I look back now and my dad must have felt so isolated how he coped i will never know.