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Caregiver Burden & Quality of Life in People with Dementia


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Oct 26, 2021
Hello all!

Researchers at the University of Oregon are seeking caregivers of people with dementia to assist in a research study! We are exploring the link between quality of life in people with dementia who also have feeding difficulties and the burden experienced by their caregivers. This is an exploratory survey-based study that should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Who can participate?
  • Informal caregivers of a person with dementia who also have difficulty with eating/swallowing
  • Informal caregivers include caregivers that are not being paid to care for the person with dementia
Information gathered from this study will help clinicians and researchers determine areas where we can assist in alleviating the burden felt by caregivers. A recruitment flyer is attached to this post with the website and QR code linked to the survey.

Use this link to participate: bit.ly/dementia_caregiver
For more information, please reach out to:
David: dbayne@uoregon.edu; 386-235-8704
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