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Care plan/Assessment/Info.


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Jul 18, 2011
Please excuse me, this is not my area of communication, What I am looking for is some PLAIN language information of what to expect for Social Services, the difference between social care and medical care, carers assessments and care plans, what to do if you do not agree with social services?
We have been dealing with dementia for a number of years and because we have functioned well, social services have put our case on team load.
Which means from my point of view they can forget about us, which included a regular review and to be honest that did not bother me to much as I was stubborn enough to think we could manage on our own.
We had a care review about 6 weeks ago which we have not received a copy of, and from what I have been told over the telephone are case is now closed.
So as I said I am looking for some data so when I next speak to SS I know where I am coming from.
Thanks all and any help gratefully received.
Take care.


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Jul 20, 2011
Hi there
I think the last time you posted it was suggested that you phoned and asked for a copy of the review - did you manage to do that?

Medical is anything to do with the NHS - consultants, memory clinic, hospitals, GPs, continence services. Social is any care that is needed - day care, carers, respite care or ultimately residential care.

Do you know what you want from social services and would you be self funding or funded by them? Did they offer you any services at all when they came to do your review? Did they do a financial assessment for you? Did they check that you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to?

I'm only asking because I am wondering if the lines of communication to them have become a bit blurred and if they are not clear that you do want help? I am also wondering if some face to face help might be more useful for you - if you phone Age UK and talk to them on their freephone number they will talk you through and you can ask if someone could come round and help you with any forms or paperwork that you need to fill in- they offer that as a free service. The number is 0800 169 2081 are open from early morning until evening and they are really good at practical advice. Do speak to them I am sure you will find them helpful. Keep posting
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