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Jul 8, 2004
Near Bristol
Hello all

Can I still post?
Mum having died May 10th sort of excludes me from this message board. I am no longer a carer.
But having been a carer for so long I am somehow lost with time now to fill. Although mum died a few weeks ago her ashes will not be "sorted" till the 18th June. Still in such a limbo.She and I!
We had the crematorium and then service of thanksgiving + tea & buns back home.
Everyone then gets on with their lives which is right but I feel such loss and emptiness.

I have posted before re how long grieving can take so sorry if I am repeating myself.

Regards to all



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Jul 4, 2004
Hi snuffy

so sorry to hear of your sad loss of your mum, but your valuable input is vital to others if you can spare the time. Keep up with reading posts when you have the time. Use your valuable experience to help fellow carers beat the path we have all been down.



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Dear Snuffy,

can you still post?

oh yes! and please do, because you ARE still a carer, and you will always be so. Your Mum may no longer be physically there to visit and care for, she is still there in your heart and memory; in that way she has become immortal.

If you want to, you can continue posting until you feel you have no more to contribute, but at present, you have just been through an experience that many of us have yet to do, and we all dread it. You can help us in our journeys as some members may have helped you in yours.

At first we feel that caring is all about looking after someone at home.

Then we discover the caring does not stop when they need to be housed elsewhere.

And then we discover that the caring continues, in a modified way, when they are taken from us.

The act of caring is one that evolves, and often the transitions between the different stages are the most painful.

Do please continue using TP!


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Dear Snuffy
please don't leave us.
Your experience is valuable to us all,you have completed your journey down this long tortuous AD road
Many of us are still on the journey and you can teach us so much.
Keep posting, keep with us
Kind thoughts

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