care homes & covid -19


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Jul 7, 2019
i haven't been on the forum for a while but am writing this as a cautionary warning.

please note not all care homes are like this one....

i was on facebook & found a post from a carer at my Dads care home ( he died there in not pleasant circumstances !)

I was horrified that still the managements lack of care was impacting the residents in such a way i contacted my mp who is investigating this home. The CQC & local press ...

the outcome this lovely carer is now no longer on facebook etc !

If your loved one is in a good home please be thankful!

My Dad died in agony at this carehome - denied pain relief by said District nurse
- seen by horrified Paramedics
- prescribed & not administers end of life care pack!

Openness & honesty is required more now than ever

otherwise unscrupulous care providers will be allowed to cover up the truth that carers are trying to get out into the public.
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