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Nov 23, 2005
hello all. I have not posted anything for a while, but having been reading all the other post. my husband john has ben in the care home for three months now.a few weeks ago, I had a meeting there with my social worker and age concern. with the help of them, I made a number of conplaints. first one was NO carers was in the unit my husband was in.there was five other people in the unit with my husband.NO one to take to the toilets. I took my husband to the toilets myself. NO one to make the tea in the afternoon. I used to make it for them. they used to be missing for well over a hour. so at the meeting I told them all this. they told me that carers were there at all times, I said that they were invisable then. So I had my husband moved downstairs, where there was more going is a bit better then upstairs.there is suppose to be a list of things going on in the programe sheet in each unit [ there is four in the care home]there is nothing. they just sit in their chairs all day.when I had the meeting social worker and age concern said that they a few weeks to improve things OR they would get social servives invold again.but nothing has been done. so I will tell age concern about it.yesterday the old ladies ask me [NO CARERS ABOUT]to turn the tv off and put the radio on because they like to listern to the music. so I did we were all enjoying the music, when a carer turned up. she told me not to put the tv on because SHE likes them to watch the childrens channel for half a day. and the radio half a day. I asked her why the childrens channel.I said they should have what THEY liked, she said that the tv remote won,t change channels. she said that they only have I REMOTE for all the 4 tvs and most times it goes missing. she said the manager would look into it. FAT CHANCE. he never seems to do anything at all. he is on holiday. sorry to have a moan. but I feel in such a tember about it take care everyone.PAT.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Pat,
I am so sorry for the situation that you find yourself in with the 'Care ' (doesn't seem to be the right word for it) Home. It is hard enough when the person we love has to go into a Home. without then being faced with poor standards of care.
It doesn't sound as though the residents are being respected nor treated as adults. The staff need some training! I would talk to Age Concern again and the social worker; maybe express your concerns in writing, so that the home cannot deny that they have been expressed. Your husband and the other residents are fortunate that you can be there to help them, and that you are prepared to act as their voice. Well done.
Hope things improve.


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Feb 24, 2006
Have you made a complaint to CSCI about this? Or is that what you mean when you mention the social workers? If you complain to CSCI then the home has to come back with some kind of response and if it's not satisfactory then CSCI can take it further. They can also make unannounced visits at any time and they are more likely to see if something is wrong if they do this rather than turn up for a planned meeting.