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Care home want to move mum into the dementia unit and i dont want this to happen


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Apr 8, 2013
hallo everyone,
mum got diagnosed with mixed dementia and challenging behaviour in 2013. she has been in a care home registered for dementia nursing for the last month or so but in the residential nursing unit. this we always wanted to be temporary until we could have her home again. my father and I just had a review meeting with the social worker who told us the care home had contacted her to ask for an urgent review because the care home felt they couldn't meet her needs due to her high demands as a result of her anxiety. I think her anxietys got worse particularly her obbessivness with going to the toilet partly cos of the staff. they come in switch her buzzer off say they cant do it at that moment and will come back bit later but never do. the social worker has submitted a report with suggestions such as encourage mum to attend activities as a volunteer or support person to encourage her participation and to be person centred with her. ie if she has distractions it takes her mind off her perceived needs and levels of anxiety. The Home Manager when I visited yesterday has now told me she thought the social workers report is vague with no suggestions and they want to move mum to the dementia unit. I think this would be detrimental to mum, shes early stage dementia, the other people in that unit are much more advanced and they wander into other peoples bedrooms which I know would frighten mum.she had a guy do this to her in another home at night and it really had a bad impact on her.she wont have her room door shut tho cos she likes it open.
just wondered if anyone else has had this scenario and how they dealt with it. im scared social worker and manager can force this move to happen. mums a social person but she doesn't like the television,most residents seem to just sit and watch it all day and don't want to talk.lounges where theres not one are empty. anyway sorry for the long rant x