Care home room 24/7


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May 23, 2016

I was wondering what is happening in other people's care homes as regards shielding for the most vulnerable. The reason I ask this is that my mother in law is classed as extremely vulnerable (although we can't get an answer from the Dr why this is) and since they closed on the 16th March has been in her room 24/7.

Well I say 24/7 she has been down to the garden gate once for what they are calling a drive by visit. Apart from that it's been the same 4 walls of her room since March.

The home are saying it's going to be like this for at least another 2 weeks but all we want is for her to be able to go into the lounge and not spend virtually all her time in bed or a few hours a day in a pool chair.

I'm just wondering what other homes are doing as I am going to contact the head office and see if they have put this in place.

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