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Care home removing relative


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Dec 9, 2012

I've learnt that the home, which says it is a 'dementia care home', is going to remove my relative as they are unable to cope with them. My relative has started getting angry, usually when around noise/lots of people and this manifests itself through shouting. I'm meant to be having a meeting with the home and now I have just happened to find this out prior to the meeting. At least it's given me time to gather my thoughts rather than have it sprung on me.

My question simply is can the home do this? I'm worried about the impact on my relative's health such a move may have, and I'm concerned that health professionals may not be consulted about this either. I also don't know whether they can simply send my relative somewhere else and whether I just have to bow to their decision and timeframe. It would also mean having to restart the CHC process as there is an initial assessment scheduled to take place in this home which was not easy to organise.

If you have been in a similar situation I would be interested to hear.