Care Home reccomendations- Bristol please!

ann power

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Feb 5, 2007
Bristol, UK

My dear old Nanny has dementia, and it has got to a stage where she is no longer able to live in her home, and she needs full time care, so we are looking for suitable care homes for her in the Brisrol area.

Can anyone reccomend any good homes- as it is very difficult to judge the quality of some homes (reading lots of CSCI reports!) , and is quite a daunting decision to make!
She will need dementia care, as well as secure accomodation (EMI) as she is starting to wonder out of her house.

All suggestions very welcome!
Many thanks


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Mar 7, 2004
Hello Ann, welcome to TP.

As recommendation is always a personal opinion I would suggest that members send Ann a PM if they feel they can help.

Good luck Ann, hope things work out for you.