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Care home planning for visitors


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Nov 1, 2016
The care home where Mum lives is going to start having visits from next week! The rules are very strict but are reassuring that the residents will be kept safe.

1. Will take place in the garden under gazebos
2. Two visitors for max of 20 minutes, no young children
3. We are not allowed to hug mum nor move the chairs closer
4. No refreshments or going in the building so no toilet facilities
5. We will have our temperature taken on arrival and they will give us gloves and a mask to wear although I am going to ask if I can wear a full face visor instead as I have asthma
6. We have to wait in our car until it is our time slot. They are going to contact us to arrange a time when we can visit, they are sticking to a tight timetable to fit as many in as possible.

They can provide games to play which will be disinfected afterwards.

It's fantastic news and all we have to do is decide who is going to go for the first visit - I have a sister and a brother who are also desperate to see Mum!


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
That really is well thought out. I hope you have a good visit

Fingers crossed other care homes will start taking similar steps.