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Care home not working out - Agression


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May 11, 2015
Help I am looking for advice. Please understand that this is very difficult for me.

My Granddad was sectioned under Section 2 of the MHA in January and was transferred to our local mental health hospital for assessment. After 28 days he was placed under a formal agreement. At this point he caught Pneumonia and was transferred to hospital and placed on an adult care ward. He made a swift recovery but we could not find a care home to accept him. He was under 1:1 care on the hospital ward. After 3 months and after visiting countless number of care homes we eventually found somewhere to accept him . (We tried Residential, EMI and EMI nursing and all said they could not meet his needs) but after 1 week we have been told that things are not working out.

In this week he has

Grabbed a member of staff by the throat
He threatened staff verbally and physically
He threatened residents verbally and physically
Has put toilet paper down his toilet and flooded his room.
Removed items from other peoples rooms
Entered other residents rooms and refused to leave.

They have requested a urgent assessment from the local mental health unit. My question is this. What happens if the local mental health team won't admit him to the mental health unit of our local hospital and he can't stay in the care home ?

My Granddad is physically very strong and active but has aggressive outbursts. I know only too well the difficulty in finding somewhere for my Grandad having taken 3 months to find a unit that will accept him. What are my options if he is kicked out of the care home ?

Many Thanks for all your help


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
They will not just kick him out with no-where to go
He may well be sectioned again, but I dont know much about this. I expect that someone else will know.


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Nov 28, 2004
Not sure if this helps.
My mum was on a section 2 MHA recently which, after 28 days became a section 3. She was admitted for assessment becasue her emi nursing home were unable to meet her needs. After several weeks in assessment she was then ready for discharge, but it was the assessment unit who told us where Mum could go to have her needs met - we didn't have much say in it. There weren't many Homes available, and I think admission was only by referral.
In my very limited experience I would have thought another section would be appropriate to determine what care is needed, and which Homes could meet these needs. The assessment unit my mum was in was excellent, and they wouldn't have discharged her unless to a Home that could cope, had the extra staffing etc.
Really feel for you. It's a rotten time.