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Care home Hols

sonia owen

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Hi all ,
Do any of you think by putting a person into a care home for a holiday, will make the person worse when they go back to their own home. Could it cause more distress, than bringing strange carers to help them stay in their own place. I am feeling in a catch 22 at the moment. My mind seems to be suffering from over load.
Love Sonia


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Jan 30, 2009
We were warned that mum might not be "easy" when she came out of respite (two weeks) the first time. Well she wasn't easy at the best of times so not a lot to lose really, but in fact she was exactly the same when she came out as when she went in. However, Dad was a whole lot better and much more able to cope with her. She goes every 5 weeks for a two week stay and the break has never changed her.

However, i fully understand that if your mum is managing reasonably well on her own with a bit of support you may feel she will lose what ability she has in that time. So I suppose it depends on two things....how much independence she has now and how badly you need the break - I assume that is why she is going in?

If you feel in overload I think you really do need the break.