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Care home funding


New member
Jun 24, 2021
My father is currently self funding, but his savings are now on the threshold, and a new financial assessment is with the local authority. A few months back, all Dad's money was transferred, from three accounts (2 of which were jointly held), and put in one single account so we could easily keep track of his finances. Some of his money had been placed into an account which was previously solely my mother's. Since some of Dad's monwy was moved into that account, his name was added, but the bulk of the funds there belonged to my Mother. Now the local authority are calculating 50% of the funds are my father's. We can prove that is not the case, but are they likely to accept the evidence or can they legally take what is Mum's money to pay for his care?


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Was the wrong thing to do! Yes , the funds will be assed as 50% your fathers. How can you prove its not his to take into consideration? Is there proof of where the funds came from, and were they not deemed marital funds anyway?

It will look as though you are tryng to hide money- if you consolidated some of his funds AND mixed some up with your mothers.

Where does your mother sit with it all? Does she not manage your fathers finance?