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Care home fees. Pay in advance or not?


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Apr 29, 2017
My fathers care home has just changed ownership. The new company want me to pay his fees a month in advance. I’ve never had to do this before.
Does anyone else pay up front? What happens when the final day comes? Do you get the advance payment back?


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Mar 25, 2016
Mum's home takes payment monthly in advance. With regards what happens when the 'final day' comes, it depends on the circumstances. As a new company has taken over and changed the payment process then they will be providing a new contract to sign so ask for a copy.

You'll then need to check the specifics of the contract. I don't have mum's contract to hand at the moment but I think they ask for 28 days notice if someone wishes to leave the home, therefore there will be no overpayment of fees if you pay in advance.

If by 'final day' you mean when the resident passes away, you'll again need to check what the contract says as individual homes have different contracts but there should be some sort of refund paid, dependant on when the resident passes.


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Jun 6, 2020
FIL's Care Home we pay in arrears but at MIL Nursing Home we pay in advance. I can see pro's and con's for both systems. We are assuming that there will be a refund from MIL's home when the final day comes and it saves having to face a 'final bill' whilst having to deal with the loss of your PWD.