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Care home distress, now sectioned


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Dec 30, 2013
I posted not long ago and received some very reassuring replies. To recap we had tried two care homes, one was respite which was awful and safeguarding issues and all sorts of problems because my dad can be very challenging during personal care. He was assessed by another care home who knew all about the challenges etc, we were very honest but they reassured us that this would not be an issue! Well guess what? It was very much an issue and in less than a week they wanted him out. Cut a long story short he was admitted to an elderly mental health unit under section, although this felt awful, this unit has managed him really well and nothing is a problem for them. We realise they are qualified staff and properly skilled and my dad even seems more settled with this structure. They have re-introduced a bed time regime, still challenges with bathing, but they do it without a fuss and it's a whole lot better. Now we realise that this is a hospital admission, but how do we go about finding somewhere that can replicate this type of care management as it seems to suit my dad much better and we are not having the daily phone calls we had from the care homes saying he has done this that and the other and my mum going in to provide the care!! It is much more reassuring and confidence giving, and he needs this all the time. Any suggestions? What should we be looking for? We have a social worker and she hopes to get him continuing healthcare funding so that we have access to more placements. My poor dad has moved 3 times in about 7 weeks, we really need to get it right next time!! Thank you x


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Jul 14, 2006
Have a word with the staff at the unit. As they are dealing with your Dad's care they will know exactely what level of care your Dad will need when he leaves and they should have some idea of local care homes that can give the required level of care.

My husband was in an assessment unit for 9 weeks and we were at first told by them that he needed EMI nursing, three weeks later they had upped the level to nursing and challenging behaviour and they gave us a list of care homes that previous patients had moved on to.


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Dec 30, 2013
Thank you for your reply we'll wait to see what they say and go from there. It's so difficult. X

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