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Care home complaint


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Jul 7, 2019

I think that our experience with safeguarding, so far, has possibly been productive since it was safeguarding who contacted us due to the serious circumstances that our dad had found himself in, courtesy of the care staff. Safeguarding then contacted us again, out of the blue, to arrange a face-to-face meeting, to discuss various issues and we have another meeting with them in a couple of weeks to assess progress.

Had we contacted safeguarding off our own back regarding the numerous issues we have come across at the care home, who knows whether their response would have been so proactive!

If you aren't already, I would keep a log of the issues you come across, clearly dated/timed with which staff members were responsible. It is very useful to have such a record to refer to when you discuss problems with the manager/safeguarding etc.

Dad's main problem is also eating and drinking, and it is an ongoing challenge to get the care staff to understand the consequences of an elderly person not meeting dietary requirements. With dad, it is not that he has lost his appetite, but that he prefers to eat smaller meals/snacks and is overwhelmed by a large plate of food. Getting the staff to understand that and adapt to HIS needs, is the greatest challenge we have ever faced.

I hope you have success with safeguarding eventually and things change for the better.

If you are happy to do so, it would be interesting to hear how things unfold with your safeguarding/care home situation.

so far we haven’t had any minutes from the meeting or contact further from safeguarding.

I will keep updating on my posts about it. Honestly I’m really not impressed. The OT has raised further safeguarding issues & still no improvement! It’s a ridiculous situation!

I darent go in on my own for fear that I will just loose my temper - that’s not going to help anyone or achieve anything!

I really hope Karma exists!!

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