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Care home closures

Andy Saul

Registered User
Mar 21, 2007

Staffordshire county council are trying to close their local authority care homes and elderly datcentres for people with dementia.
My mother attends the Edna Lewis daycentre four times a week. It is a great source of social stimulation for her and she always looks forward to going. The staff arrange activities and arrange transport to and from the centre; essential, as she does not have the ability to get around by herself.

The council are proposing to close this service, along with all of their residential homes and other similar services. They say they wish to promote independent living, but the closing the day centre will mean that my mother is less able to live on her own.

I have started a website to highlight this issue:

Our campaign has had extensive coverage in the local press, as well as the Observer and Independent Lawyer magazine. We are currently taking the council to court to prevent the closures.

Please visit the site for the full campaign issues.

Andy Saul


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Feb 17, 2006
They did that in my area few years back , but then they built a new one that is privately run and part funded by the local authority , then they built another one that is just opening and my mother AZ daycentre is moving there , they are amalgamating 2 daycentre in two area into one and our day centre are still not sure if they are going to cut some days that my mother attends the move was meant to be last year , but now should be sometime this year .

I suppose they are awaiting the review they have in funding every April and seeing the it did not get a mention in the budget http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/News_and_campaigns/News/21032007_budget.htm

Don’t look very good in getting more money , so more cuts in services for the elderly.

I wish you all the luck , your doing your area a good job , I shall look at the link you left now