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Care home assessment question


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May 24, 2014
Hello fellow members. I've followed this site for some time and really appreciate all the information. I've tried searching other posts but can't find what I'm looking for.
Briefly my husband and I moved back from the US 3 years ago to take care of his mum. This has enabled her to stay in her own home as we moved in with her. She has deteriorated over the years but is still a sweet lady. We are planning to move back to the US later this year as we are missing out on our grandsons first years and miss our daughter so much. I know in my heart my MIL would be horrified if she thought we had moved back for her (she was very encouraging when we first moved out there). I know there will be a lot of guilt when we go but the decision is made. Her other son is not in a position to care for her ful time so we are looking for a care home. As he lives in Chester the home would need to be near him and his family. My questions are do we need to have an assessment before looking at homes? What is the assessment for? She has money and a house so I'm sure we won't be getting any financial help with fees. She doesn't need nursing yet, just someone to ensure she eats, changes her clothes, showers, takes her pills and hopefully give her some interest in life. (she currently does very little) Who does the assessment? is it the local authority (council) She lives in Staffordshire but the home would be in Chester so which LA would do the assessment? What else do we need to be considering apart from the obvious of finding a home we are comfortable with? Any comments would be really appreciated.


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Jul 20, 2011
To help you make your decision I would advise two things
- look at the Care Quality Commission website where you can check inspection reports from homes - worth reading the full report
- the local carers organisation (usually the carers cafe) is a great source of local info - our one knows exactly which homes you could try and which are dreadful (and some of them look superficially very good!)


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Aug 29, 2007
SW London
My mother was self funded and we had never involved social services before finally finding a care home for her. IIRC the one we chose did need an 'official' referral from SS, but it was purely a tick-box exercise - someone came round for a brief 'chat' with my mother. The CH was 60 miles from her home - it was very close to mine - and we could not take her there for any kind of assessment, since at that stage she was always extremely reluctant to leave the house at all.
The 'chat' went very well and the person who came was very kind, pleasant and tactful, which was a great relief to me.
I wish you all the best with it all.