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Care home: am I being over sensitive?


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Nov 9, 2014

My dad was admitted to hospital 2 days ago from his care home.

Yesterday they kept ringing me. I didn't have good reception or was driving etc. But I called them in the evening .
I thought it was nice of them to call as thought they must be concerned.
Anyway a staff member asked me to update her.
But it didn't seem to be in a caring way, it was more factual.

I came off the phone feeling a bit weird and flat.

Does anyone have experience of this?
I am now worrying if he's in there a long time they won't want him to go back.


Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello Jess

You might be feeling a bit over sensitive because you are so stressed , but it sounds as if the staff member was stressed too, trying to get through to you so many times.

The staff probably wanted to know how your father is so they can be prepared should he be discharged into their care.