Care for my dad


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Jan 7, 2007
I wonder if anyone has had similar experiences as myself with the lack of suitable care? My dad has been refusing to let my mum wash him for such a long time now that I fear for his health. He gets verbally and sometimes physically threatening if my mum tries to force him. She has now been told that there is a 2 year waiting list for someone to come and wash him for her. Does anyone have any advice I can give my mum please? If it helps, my parents live in Southampton. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Jun 27, 2006
Hi there.

I'm sorry I do not believe that there is a 2 year waiting list. I mean I believe you were told that, but I don't believe that it is true. Would this be carers that your parents were paying for themselves, or would they be provided by the LA? Have your parent's had a care assessment? Are they within the city boundary, because if so I have some links.


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Apr 29, 2007
Care Package

Hello again Kaz

Have your parents been allocated a Social Worker? That is the person who should be able to arrange a suitable "care package" for your Dad. Appreciate that it may take a week or so to arrange - but to be told that there is a 2 year waiting list is absolutely ridiculous - your poor Mum must be at the end of her tether!

If they have not yet been allocated a SW - can your Mum (or you) contact Social Services to get a care assessment done - to at least get the "wheels in motion"?

Wish you luck with it.


Gill x