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Care for carers - short survey for unpaid dementia caregivers


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Mar 10, 2015
Hello everyone,

Based on my experience with my grandma and seeing my parents providing care for her, I would like to learn more about the effects of dementia caregiving to make a positive contribution in caregivers' lives.

If you are providing unpaid care for a loved one with dementia for 3 years or longer, I would like to invite you to take part in an online survey titled ‘Care for Carers – Examining positive effects of long-term unpaid dementia caregiving’.

I am a postgraduate student in the MSc Psychology and Health programme at the University of Nottingham and I am currently undertaking a research study which forms part of my educational qualification. I am hoping to get as many responses as possible and your help would be greatly appreciated.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey and your view would be really helpful for us to learn more about a caregiver's experience. You can choose to be included in our draw to win a £30.00 gift card for your participation.
Your help would be greatly appreciated and is important in moving research in this area forward.

The study involves the completion of multiple choice questionnaires that are relevant for the study’s purpose. Besides a background information questionnaire, participants will be asked to fill out a list of questionnaires that address positive aspects of caregiving, perceived psychological change, social support and emotional well-being.

More information about the study can be found on the first page of the survey. It details the background of and the procedure for the study. Please read the first page and consider your participation. In case of any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at msxok@nottingham.ac.uk. The link below will take you to the survey:


Please be assured that all replies will be anonymised – you will not be identified at any stage to any other third party.

Thank you for your help and best wishes,

Olga Klein, Postgraduate Student in MSc Psychology and Health, the University of Nottingham


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Mar 10, 2015
Hello everyone, thank you to all who have completed the survey so far. The survey is open until August 12th. If you know someone who is providing dementia care for more than 5 years, please feel free to share the provided link above. We are still looking for participants. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks,


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