care costs and funding for mum


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Apr 17, 2008
southampton hants
Hello everybody,

I am new to all of this. Mum has AD, or maybe Vascular Dementia, or maybe Dementia with Lewy bodies, not sure right now haven't been dealing with it long enough to grill the health professionals, whatever, she's not right in the head to the point where she may be hospitalised soon, (Doctors say alzheimers as a catch-all I think). I'm on my own looking after her (brother and sister-in-law live miles away) and I am beginning to think she is going to need full-time care at some point. Personally I have no problem with this because I have been into many different local care homes recently and some really do seem excellent, however I would like to choose the one she goes to in order to best suit her needs. But what happens when the time comes about money? Do we sell her house? She will be taken into care through no choice of her own, it will be the AD dictating the rules. Or do I give up a full-time job to care for her permanently, then who pays for me to do that as I need my income?

These are probably basic and fundamental questions, but information would be appreciated so that I know what I'm up against when the time comes.

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Jun 27, 2006
Hi Sue and welcome to Talking Point

It is, as you can imagine, very complex when it comes to who pays. There is something called CRAG (Charging for Residential Accommodation Guidelines) which local authorities have to follow.

If she owns her own house, and there is not a spouse (or certain other classes of relative) living in it, then yes - the house will be sold to pay for care, which will make her what is normally called self-funded. When this is the situation then it is up to the family which residential facility is used, provided it can cope with her needs. At some point it is possible that the NHS will kick in with what is called the nursing contribution or even fully funded nursing care (the latter being pretty unlikely).

If you did give up your own job to care for her then you would be entitled to carer's allowance but that is paltry.

Have you got an LPA set up yet (Lasting Power of Attorney)? Do not delay since having one will make everyones lives much easier down the road.