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Care Cap regulations


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Jan 29, 2009

"Families hoping for a reprieve from the crippling bills they face making sure a loved one is cared for in old age could be in for a bitter blow. Experts believe the long-promised care cap, designed to protect them from “catastrophic” fees, could be scrapped and is unlikely to be introduced in April 2020, as promised in the Autumn Statement.
Due to have been launched last April at £72,000, it has already been delayed, but cynicism is growing the scheme will never get the green light – or certainly not in the next five years.... "


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Jul 20, 2011
And even if they do bring it in, which is really unlikely, you can be certain that it will have all sorts of complex rules attached to it.

Not only do we have to work longer - I can't see how it is possible to keep working and working - sorry guys but particularly women who have often worked, brought up children, cared for family members and are bloomin exhausted - I've got to work til I'm 67 when I hoped to retire at 60 - but we are also going to have to spend all the bits of money we've managed to save to subsidise the governement with no compromise.

The only solution is - if you've got money, spend it!