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Care at home when assessed as EMI Nursing


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May 8, 2014
Well the on going my dad's situation continues.

After viewing a few EMI nursing homes. I have seen 2 ok ones but they are some distance from home. The 2 I saw close to home were grim. sitting waiting to die places.

I have a job, 2 kids, mother in a home (not EMI) and I am carer for MIL who has too many health/social needs to even start! So with that in mind I need my dad close if I am ever to visit.

It was not clear how any of the home would deal with my dad's extreme fall risk. He has one to one support in hospital, it appears that this cant be offered in homes. So he would fall minutes after entering a home.

My dad appears to have 'passed' the NHS CHC checklist to qualify for NHS continuing care. This cant be topped up so my dad would not get one to one in a home.

I want to bring my dad home for these reasons among others. I think in other areas people can get NHS CHC at home. Apprently no one has ever got CHC at home in this area. I find this hard to believe but that is the view of the social worker.

The SW wentI sus on to say that care at home could not even be considered as my dad needs EMI nursing care. He apparently has to go somewhere with a RMN. I suspect that this is load of b*****ks but would appreciate other peoples experiences.


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Jan 30, 2009
I would advise you to make an appointment with the head nurse in one of the places you like and discuss it with them...perhaps imply that you are interested in your dad going there and finding out what they would provide and how they would look after him, even if he isn't going to go there (yes, I am saying tell lies to them). We found out far more from a nurse in a home that we looked around than we ever did from the social workers or cpn's. She was able to tell us how the whole system worked and what mum was likely to need and be entitled to without any sort of prejudice.