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Can't work this one out.


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Jun 6, 2020
New Zealand
Greetings all ... it's been a while since I was last here. In the meantime I'm feeling totally depressed as my plans to move to the town where MH is look like they're going nowhere. On top of that, we've been in varying levels of lockdown for weeks. For a start, the home managed to get a respiratory virus and I wasn't allowed to visit for 3 weeks. When I finally managed it, MH did at least still know who I was. Four days after that single visit, we went into Level 4 lockdown for 4 weeks. Fortunately MH still remembered me on that next visit. We can't really have a lucid conversation, but while I sat in his room, I was totally floored when he turned round and said to me: You didn't come. In the main, he doesn't seem to be aware of anything, the fact we no longer live together, why he's where he is etc so this coming out of the blue stunned me. I wish I knew how much and what he understands. But going back to the beginning, I don't suppose it would be wise to move him closer to home, but I so wish I could,.

Your comments and advice re moving MH would be welcome ... and anything else you'd like to say.


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Jul 7, 2019
I think moving him would be ill advised as the care etc is what he needs. Have just moved Mum because she is at EOL & was in hospital , now settling but it was traumatic