Cant wait to get hold of mums money!


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Jul 10, 2007
I knew that would get everyones attention. lol

As soon as I get LPA Im going to spend a lot on making Mum happy.

At the moment she says she is always broke and wont even have her hair cut unless she thinks Im paying for it!

Two weeks ago Mum looked so much like a shaggy pony that she had to have her hair cut and styled so I made the apointment and told Mum about it and she intially said "No its too expensive." Although the appointment was for the day when pensioners get special cheaper rates, so I told her I would pay for it then everything was fine and Mum looked foreward to it. I had previously told the hairdresser that Mum has AD.

All went well and Mum thoroughly enjoyed having her hair done as the hairdresser and myself made such a fuss of her saying how nice it looked so Mum agreed to come again next week to have the wash and blow dry,,,,as long as I was paying!!!

The update is now Mum is having low lights and I know she will love it.

I have been able to sign on Mums account for 4 years now although I dont yet have LPA so I now take the money from her account to pay for the weekly hair do but I dont want to take much money each week in case the bank thinks something odd is going on so I cant wait to get the LPA so that Mum can go for Indian Head Massage, full body massage and all the things that will make her feel good. New clothes that she used to love, trips to the theatre, holidays etc.

As long as Mum thinks Im paying she will really enjoy each experience! :D
BTW Mum is quite wealthy and so am I so I dont need her cash when shes gone so for as long as Mum is able she should enjoy the fruits of hers and Dads labour.
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Kate P

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Jul 6, 2007
I think that's quite right Ishard.

My mum and dad saved and saved all there lives waiting to enjoy their retirement and mum became ill before they reached it so it all seems to have been for nothing. The money they should have used to travel the world and have a wonderful time together will be spent on carers and such like.


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Aug 6, 2007
Fantastic! You are so right my mum just worries about money so me and my sister just do all manner of things to help her feel good. She also loved clothes but I have to say its a bit difficult now as she only remembers her old clothes and wonders who the new ones belong too! So we have to be careful. We also have to be careful to ensure her mood is right and she can't make decisions any more but sometimes I take her to the shops just to look around and then I go back and buy what I think she might like and we try them on back in her home - again only if her mood is right!
She loves meals out though which is great only I am trying to slim down.
Keep spending I say so long as it keeps our mums looking good and feeling happy!


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Aug 9, 2007
We used to go out and have spending sprees. I used to tell Mum that she couldn't take it with her so she may as well enjoy it. (particularly as she was stable for some time and I thought that she may as well have some fun rather than all her money being used for home fees!!!) We used to bring bags of clothes back to the Nursing Home when she had been shopping.



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Feb 17, 2008
Edna looks awful won't have her hair washed or go to the hairdresses, but you have given me the idea of saying its a gift from me, but she doesnt like taking fron other people but I could try saying its mothers day and it is not nice not to go when its a present.
I know mothers day has gone but she doesnt know when we go shopping she always wishs everyone happy new year bless her
you are doing great thanks for the Idea I will go to the hairdresses today to talk to them first.


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Mar 20, 2008
Fair play to you

Thats brilliant, its the way I think about my mum. She's worked all her life, she should be enjoying her little nest egg. Like your mum, "everythings too expensive", so I sneak things in with her weekly shopping. Like Keelys mum, she does get a bit confused, and it takes a bit of persuasion for her to try on a new outfit - or even new underwear! love, Anna x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
When I cared for my 90 year old neighbour, he wouldn`t spend a penny to make life easier and more comfortable for himself.

I asked him what he was saving for, `For my old age.` he said. :)


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Jul 10, 2007
Isnt it odd how all of a sudden people feel the need not to spend money on themselves.

I have already decided that when I (we) get new clothes for Mum I will nail shut part of her wardrobe so she cant get at clothes that fitted her 3 stones ago. I will tell her the door is 'stuck' and needs repairing and that Im on it.

You know I never thought I could be this sneaky and devious but needs must sometimes!

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Already got hold of my mother's money

Loved your title! Certainly does grab one's attention.

I would suggest that, if you can, you gradually triage your mother's clothing. We were not able to and had to do it all in one go. Actually, it took my sister and I something like 12 hours altogether. We had a 6 hour marathon we still laugh about as we got quite giggly at the end. My mother had kept clothes that we remembered her wearing in the early 70s so we had quite a job.

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

I could not agree more!!!!! Mum is still capable of shopping and especially spotting bargains .... couldn't manage a bill or a bank statement and has no concept of how much money she has to spend if she wished to (regression to days when she had to always 'make ends meet?). I fretted (very publicly here:eek:) about how to account for the cash I make sure mum has and some of her bizarre spending at times .... just given me an idea for accounting under the EPA rules ..... I could take photographic evidence of the duplicate handbags, or whatever the latest fad is that makes her happy!!!!!!! :D

Great thinking Ishard ......

Love, Karen, x


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Jul 10, 2007
Hopefully it wont come to buying 300 handbags but if it does just keep the reciepts. :)

That way if you need to account for what has been spent then you can tip the container with the reciepts in all over the table.;)


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Aug 21, 2007
When I cared for my 90 year old neighbour, he wouldn`t spend a penny to make life easier and more comfortable for himself.

I asked him what he was saving for, `For my old age.` he said. :)
Best laugh I've had for a few weeks! Just like my old Dad.

I used to do this also Ishard, buy Dad lots of treats and tell him that I'd paid for it all. His mind was way back in the 40's & 50's when it came to the price of things and he wouldn't pay a penny for anything he didn't need to so he got scruffier and scruffier and his bank balance got higher and higher. So when I got POA I 'bought' him lots of smart clothes, 'paid' for the barbers, 'bought' him bits and pieces for his house after I'd seen him admiring things, and got him loads for Christmas & birthdays, used to take him ages to open everthing. I even 'bought' him a 42 inch TV & DVD recorder when he admired them - not that he managed to figure out everything they did but heyho, he enjoyed watching the TV. Nope, couldn't take it with him, he earned it so he deserved to spend it all.

AJay xxx
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