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Can't get on


Registered User
Jan 24, 2011
My dad died 10 months ago...everyone says time heals. I don't feel like that. I miss him everyday...the pain isn't going away yet everyone expects me to get on. I keep expecting him to "turn up" no-one understands. I'm heartbroken. I just want my daddy back xx

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cheryl k

Registered User
Sep 9, 2012
My Dad died in December it was totally unexpected, he died in his sleep. At the time of his death he was living in the 60's. He was happy and not remembering the heart ache my brother brought upon the family. It is extremely hard letting go and knowing he is gone, but that does not mean we ever forget our loved one. Always remember that your Dad is part of you and lives on in you. My Mom died 6 years ago and I know from this experience that time does heal, but it will take time. Grief is different in each of us and don't rush it because over time you will be okay. I hope this helps in some small way. Take care of yourself. Cheryl

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