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Cancer care for people with dementia: A webinar and research article


Aug 16, 2018
Hi everyone :)

I thought I’d share some recent research about cancer care for people with dementia that might be of interest to people on this dementia and cancer forum. The study was conducted by researchers at the Centre for Dementia Research at Leeds Beckett University, and the research team also included people with lived experience of dementia and cancer.

The aim of the research study was to understand and identify ways to improve hospital-based cancer care and treatment for people with dementia. The study used data from GP records alongside interviews and observations with people living with dementia and cancer, their families and hospital staff.

The findings have resulted in many practical recommendations and strategies for oncology hospital departments and staff to improve cancer care and treatment for people with dementia and their families.

Webinar about the research:
Some of the research team presented a webinar about the research which can be accessed on Android, iOS and via a standard laptop/PC via >this link<.

The webinar covers:
  • Why is dementia important to think about in cancer care?
  • How were people with lived experience involved in the project?
  • The prevalence of co-occurring dementia and cancer.
  • The challenges of providing cancer care for people living with dementia and their families (including difficulties around diagnosis, decision-making and treatment provision).
  • Positive practical steps that can be taken to support people living with dementia and their families through cancer treatment.
The full webinar is 1 hour but the findings are discussed from 21.15, followed by questions from audience members.

Read the research:
You can also read the published research article >here<, which was co-authored with people with dementia and cancer and their carers. The article includes interview quotes from people with dementia and cancer, carers and hospital staff, and a table of practical recommendations for improving cancer care and treatment for people with dementia.
You can view the full list of care recommendations made >here<.

What are your thoughts about the findings and the care recommendations made? Do the quotes from participants in the study resonate with your experience? Are there any other recommendations that you think are important?

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