Cancer AND dementia

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
What a difference a day makes...

.... to steal a song title.....

Thanks to everyone here (and the PMs) and crying a few bucketfuls of tears .... I feel at least more at peace - the one song which is constantly in my head at the mo is 'Que Sera, sera'!!!!

My instinct - as mum's has been always - is to 'fight' .. perhaps I need to recognise there is a time to question 'for what purpose'????

I guess I had assumed I was in for the 'long-haul' with dementia - and now perhaps not ... sure makes you focus!!!!! And maybe I still am ..... ho, hum... the one thing we can all be certain of here is uncertainty, I guess.....

So, if I'm to live by the importance of QUALITY of life, I guess this means she can have her beloved apple turnovers for breakfast, lunch and tea from now on????:)

If I have one regret just now, it's that I can't let mum know what an amazing amount of support I have had from this forum.....

Love and thanks to everyone....

Karen, x


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Mar 13, 2006
hello karen

just wanted to add my thoughts and wishes to the rest,
hope your ok
take care x
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Apr 26, 2006
There for everyone

Dear Karren
S o sorry to hear about the problems with mum re cancer
I feel bad not seeing it before not been very good as if you did not have enough now this i think we all must of gone under a lot of ladders to get the bad luck we seem to get
It might not be of any help but my dad had bowel cancer in and out of hospital never out of pain looking back we feel he was used as a gunie pig there was no hope yet we let him go through radio chemo etc just to keep him with us
They say hindsight is a wonderful thing i feel now we should not of put him through it he did not have dementia but was on so much morfine could not think straight My feelings since that are God forbid if any thing like that happened to hubby ---i know with his dementia to be in hospital going through all that would only confuse him more
Thinking of you with love Bel x
Wish i could do a big hug but sending one any way xxxxx
Like you say could not of coped without TP friends