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Can we speed up diagnosis


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Feb 21, 2015

I know someone who is 86 and his dementia has gradually been getting worse over the last 3 years. His wife who is also in her 80's did not want to take him to the doctor. Now his behaviour is increasingly aggressive and he is up in the middle of the night emptying cupboards and he doesn't always recognise his own home. Only recently have they been to the doctor who says it will take some time to diagnose. I am wondering what help they may be able to get in the meantime and some short term medication to help him sleep? She is increasingly stressed and frightened of his behaviour. Can anyone advise?


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
Possibly another visit to the GP and these very concerns expressed would be good. It does take a while to get a diagnosis as lots of other conditions have to be ruled out first really. The bottom line is there isn't an actual blood test that will say yes it's Alzheimer's unfortunately.
I hope others can point you in the right direction of help sheets of how to deal with the aggression and keeping safe. As for the lack of sleep, take naps when they can for now at least.