can they take our home


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Apr 3, 2005
1st of all just like to say hiy to u all

just found your website

roughly about a year and a half ago both me and my wife sold our family house
to come and look after my nan who has alzhimers as my nan looked after me whilst i was young.
both me and my wife became the main carers for my nan
before we came to live with my nan her house was almost in a deralict state
she would not except help from any 1 or money eventualy we perswaided her to let us help her so we moved in payed for new windows/doors/heating/elecric/re plastering /down stairs toilet etc. all in all we prob spent about 90 thousand pounds making her home livable again all money from the sale of our house .there is also a morgage on the house in my name and my nans name

my nan said b4 we moved it that she would sign over 50% off the house to me and leave the other 50% for when she passes away to a higer land this was all done at a solicitors .so as i had a home all b it in writing

the time wich both me and my wife have looked and cared for my nan has not been easy towards the end as we had our first child(best feeling in the world)
but at the same time my nan had got to a state were we cdnt cope any more my wife became very depresed and i found it very hard myself trying to look after my baby my nan and my wife and work i now there is prob a lot more people out there with a lot worse than me to deal with but i cdnt cope any more

so we called on the help of social services and aranged for nan to go into a carehome wich is very nice she is realy happy there

but i am now worried what will happen to the house can the goverment ask us to sell the house to pay for nans care home as i dont think its fair as me and my wife have prob doubled the value of the property by doing it up to make nans life a bit better for the time we were there we have no intentions of moving .jus doesnt seem fair if they can slap a charge on the house if we did decide to move in the future.

the social worker says it is up to the coucil

i have spoke to the finacial services of the coucil and they r saying it needs to be reviewed by there panel whatever that means

any ideas thanks a lot


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Jan 29, 2005
Hi Rooney,
I am no expert in this ...... but it will be an issue for my family eventually. My Dad is in the early stages of dementia and doesn't yet need any specialist care; my Mum and my brother live with him. The house is jointly in my Mum and Dad's names, but it is obviously 'home' to all three of them.

Have a look at the factsheet at:

This suggests that whilst you are living there, they can't take the house away from you. However, on another factsheet, it suggests contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau ..... and they also have a list of suggested solicitors that have experience with families coping with dementia.

Hope this helps, although I'm sure someone else on the forum has more 'hands on' (so to speak!) experience of the practicalities of dealing with things (from whom I too can learn a thing or two).
Take care.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Rooney, jsut wanted to say welcome and sorry to hear of your troubles. Do as Nada says, the helpline team are brilliant. Love She. XX


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Rooney
I think as suggested call the Alzheimer's help line.
You want expert legal advice and they will advise
Best wishes


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Apr 3, 2005
thanks a lot for all you replies have called to day just need to wait to see what the council are goin to do first :confused: