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Can my dad be made to stay in a care home against how will?


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Jan 20, 2015

My dad has Alzheimer's. My mum has been caring for him but she had to go into hospital recently and so dad was persuaded to go into respite care.

Now my mum has decided that she doesn't want him to come home.

I quite understand her decision. She's had a terribly 12 months, probably more, and she just can't cope anymore. We've tried all sorts of things. We had carers coming in but dad was so aggressive and abusive, tried to hit them with his stick, that they refused to return. I didn't persue this as it seemed easier to cope on our own. However I hadn't realised what mums life was like. He follows her around all day wanting to know what she's doing all the time. He sometimes gets very nasty and angry. She's a frail 81 year old and he's still quite strong.

So I think he should stay in care. What I don't understand is how that happens. He doesn't want to be there but can he be made to stay? We don't have power of attorney.


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Nov 13, 2014
Not really sure how it works but I think his GP could have him sectioned and then he would have to stay although not necessarily in the home he's in just now, they may move him elsewhere. Your mum's health and safety come first, hard though it is.

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