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Can my caregivers get paid somehow? (they deserve it)


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Aug 28, 2015
Hi ~ I'm new here. Four years ago this Dec. I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis (alcoholic), and as a result, I have brain damage/alcoholic dementia (I've been sober ever since). I'm 52 years old.

I guess I'm in early stages of both cirrhosis, and dementia (it's difficult to figure out how all of this works, but I'm feeling great :) so I suppose 'early stage' is correct). I'm able to easily take care of myself, but my short term memory is really bad (getting worse too), and while walking, I do tend to get so immersed in my head that I will walk right out of the city limits without realising :eek: I've also had an episode where I suddenly did not recognise my surroundings, even though I had been going there for several years, every day at the same time. I'm unable to have a job, but can easily work as a volunteer.

I'm living with family. They're doing an awesome job in helping me. I know that it's not without stress for them. They've had to make some changes in order to have me with them - so I'm wondering if there might be anything set up in B.C. Canada for caregivers to be paid? I've looked online, and so far, nothing. If anyone here knows anything, it would be much appreciated. Thanks! ~ Sabina