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Can I ... Should I?

try again

Registered User
Jun 21, 2018
She's at peace now.

Take time to grieve and look after yourself. Then you must learn to live again - hopefully you and your brother will also help each other through .

highland girl

Registered User
Jul 30, 2017
Sam I have quietly followed your post the last few weeks, but I had to write to offer my condolences. You have been a wonderful daughter and your mum could not have asked for more, you and your brother and doggy have provided your mum with all that love and support through the worst of times. I hope I have the same strength when the time comes with my OH. Much love to you and all the family at this sad time, your mum is finally at peace, I hope you manage to find some peace now too. Xxx

Amy in the US

Registered User
Feb 28, 2015
Oh, Sam. I'm so sorry.

Many more ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) for you.

I know we are all impressed by your dedication and faithful care of your mum. You are definitely someone I would want on my team. Please be kind to yourself as much as possible.


Registered User
Jan 29, 2009
I hope the loving care with which you have so generously supported your Mum will give you peace. Your Mum's suffering is over now .

Be gentle with yourself, it's been a long, tiring time.

Take care, hugs xx


Registered User
Feb 19, 2018
Oh Sam, I'm so sorry. I sat down to eat lunch and catch up with everything on TP. I literally stopped chewing as I read your last post. I know you will be strong through this next path you are on. Your strength has gotten you this far, it can carry you further. Then as everyone says, it's time to take care of yourself. Sympathy hugs are channeling over!


Registered User
Oct 31, 2016
A fabulous daughter, who I've had the pleasure to meet :)

A person who fought ' tooth and nail ' for her lovely mum.

I'm glad your mum is finally at peace and away from this cruel disease x

Take time to heal, slowly slowly, heart felt thoughts from me xx


Registered User
Jul 16, 2016
Oh Sam, I'm so sorry.
All my love to you, your Brother & family. You have been absolutely amazing and so brave. God bless. Lorna xx

Sam Luvit

Registered User
Oct 19, 2016
East Sussex
I’m walking around trying to work out what I should be doing. I’m still talking quietly @love.dad.but..

I wanted her pain to stop. Now it has. We will manage, it’s just paperwork & things. It’s funny how some people grab at money, I don’t think I really care for it these days.

I did what I set out to do, it drove me crazy at times, but I’ve grown as a person & met some amazing people along the way, thank you


Registered User
Feb 2, 2016
Oh Sam, on the one hand I am so sorry to read your news, on the other I am glad that your mum's suffering is over. You have been amazing throughout and I for one have learned so much from you and your mum's journey. I hope now that you rest and know that we are all still here for you in the coming hours, days, weeks and beyond. Sending you all huge hugs, and should you ever get to Cornwall, I don't have a driveway but I will find one xxx


Registered User
Jul 2, 2011
Please accept my condolences.It's hard to lose a parent no matter how 'expected'it is.Time for you to look after yourself now.​

Toony Oony

Registered User
Jun 21, 2016
Oh Sam, I have only got back home and thought I would just check your thread ...

Your Mum is out of pain now, and has joined your Dad - seems as though he has been waiting for her to be with him.

My love to you, your brother and the rest of your family