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Can I ... Should I?


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Oct 8, 2016
Morning Sam xx
Your dinner sounds lovely, true family comfort food.
Six hours sleep must seem like a fortnight's holiday to you at the moment and a sitter to come - wonderful.
You and Bro are an amazing team, and Pooch of course!

Hope you manage a second coffee and then a calm day to follow for your Mum.

Here's my early deposit (!) for the bank,
((((((((Hugs)))))))) xxx


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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
Dinner was an old “family” recipe my mum made up out of leftovers & was named “The Sam Special”
When I read that, I smiled, and thought, yes sams mum must love her as she named a meal after her, perhaps that’s the only way she could show her love

This also made me think about my mum and made me realise that, in her own way, this is the way my mum showed her love to me

So I come to the conclusion our mothers were rotten at being blatant about their love for us, they did their very best to hide it, but they did/do love us and that is why we care/cared for them

End of profound thinking. It’s making my eyes go funny.....

Amazing what a bit of sleep can do for you, along with not seeing mum in pain. You appear so much more settled/contented/upbeat, and none of those are the right words, but I think you understand what I mean

A bit of sleep and you are dangerous. A jet washed patio AND the riot act read :D :D

Utmost respect to your brother for not running away from nakedness..... and a huge hug, just for him

Selected the best of the bug hugs for you today and I shall without doubt have more for later on today



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Feb 2, 2016
Hi @Earthgirl72

A sack full, ooohhhh I’m beyond happy. I’m pretty sure your part of the county is peaceful, so expect a visit lol

Seriously. Thank you ;):)
Peaceful... well - not so much in July and August we're overrun at the moment! September is a nice month, still warm, but not so many people. First morning of dad having carers in today, I have to go down to check he plays along... cross fingers!

*takes back old sack of hugs and replaces with a full one*

I was going to leave a virtual Cornish cream tea (cream first obviously...:rolleyes:) but I am fairly sure you're non dairy... I shall just stick with leaving the medicinal CM :D xx


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Aug 25, 2015
South coast of England
Morning all,

< Yes, this one is pretty.
No, not that one, it's dull.
Ooooh, this one is huuuuuge.
Yuk, that one's a bit soggy...>

What on earth am I doing??? Why, I am selecting the biggest, juiciest, most powerful hugs for Sam of course :D

Sam, I can feel your relief through your words. You know your mum is in less pain and you have all been able to get some sleep. That seems little short of a miracle when I think of how things were last week!

Your Bro must be a lovely man. He has really stepped up to the plate and is getting on with things that many people (male and female) would baulk at. Of course, he has you as his example ;)

Wishing you all a peaceful day.


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Jul 23, 2016
Oh Sam I'm so pleased you have all got some much needed rest and relieved that your Mum seems to be much more settled. Not having to move her which was obviously distressing her is so much better. I'm praying your dear Mum remains pain free and peaceful.
What a star big bro has turned out to be but as Slugsta said what a role model he has had to follow in you.You are both along with Pooch continuing to do an amazing job in the love and care you are giving your Mum.
So pleased you have a sitter tonight......Sam rest stop power washing :eek:
Lots of love and of course more (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))xxxx


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Oct 31, 2016
Thinking of you this morning, so glad you've managed some rest :)
The catheter will be a blessing, no more unnecessary moving for your lovely mum.

@2jays , your very naughty, your post ' profound thoughts ' made me have ' leaky eyes ' x

It's amazing how even though I've not had the pleasure of meeting many on here, I can hear loud and clear the care, love and respect they have for you @Sam Luvit x

Couldn't find password, then found it again, then lost it again lol. After been logged out, I'm now logged in permanently again :rolleyes:

Sending hugs.

Also to @rosy18 whose love and care shone through when meeting her mum and herself x


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Sep 5, 2017
Greater London
Hi @Sam Luvit
Thought i’d drop In while the q’s are quieter. Just wanted to make sure there is a good healthy balance at HugBank, so i’m topping it up just in case, sub accounts for Mum (gentle soft hugs) Bro (big hugs with a pat on the back) Pooch (fussy, playful hugs) Sam of course pick and mix for the one you want.
Good to read Mum got some rest, hope you get a restful night. XXXX