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Can BT block calls to 118 118?


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Dec 10, 2013
Mum is racking up increasing calls to 118 118 - think she is trying to get her parents phone number (passed away 30 years ago) but not 100% sure as she does it in secret. We have made sure there are large type sheets of all family and essential numbers visible in the house. Can't find clear info on Internet so wondered if others on TP know if these can be blocked ? It is a BT landline. Dad worried it is increasing month on month ( about £50 on 118 calls last month alone)

Any info appreciated.


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Aug 8, 2012
Hi, my mum did exactly the same with the talking clock. BT even wrote to her about how much she was ringing it. I spoke to them and it seems to be a common problem. There are lots of posts on here about it.

It's tricky because they couldn't block the number. We even tried covering the numbers (it was the only number she rang). Eventually she just stopped using the phone altogether.

Hope you can find a solution X