1. Equinn

    Equinn Registered User

    Aug 29, 2015
    My grandad has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers. He fell off a ladder 12 weeks ago. He was fit and healthy n since then he has rapidly gone down hill. I have been researching capgras syndrome n this describes him exactly. He thinks he has an identical house and wife somewhere else. He is always looking for it and is a changed man personality wise. My lovely gentle grandad is now an agitated unsettled man. We are concerned at how fast he is going down hill. Every week he seems so much worse. Its just happened so sudden. The doc has ruled out delerium. Today I have been to visit him. He seemed OK...fidigity and constantly looking out window. He also said there was a man digging in the garden but nobody there. When I was about to leave he said who is taking me home? We gently told him he was at home and not to worry and he slammed his coat to the floor and was so angry! After leaving, my mum has had to go back to him as my Nan said he was banging on the window, shouting at the doorstep and just completely lost the plot. I am so worried... Surely this doesn't progress this fast....he has been prescribed diazipam to calm him but this hasn't made a difference tonight. Don't know what to do...
  2. Chuggalug

    Chuggalug Registered User

    Mar 24, 2014
    Never heard of that sudden and fast deterioration, but just wanted to pop on and say I care as a bit of a thread bump for you. Never come across the syndrome you mention. There always seems to be something new to learn.

    Hope someone can advise you, Equinn.
  3. stanleypj

    stanleypj Registered User

    Dec 8, 2011
    North West
    If he does have dementia, diazepam is not recommended.

    I've read posts on TP that suggest, sadly, that a fall of some kind can lead to a sudden cognitive decline such as you describe. It is hard to predict, as I'm sure you know, exactly how dementia will develop and at what rate.

    You don't say how old your grandad is, but is it possible that he was already displaying some symptoms of dementia before the fall. symptoms which the family saw as simply old age related? This seems to be the case sometimes, according to accounts on TP. If this is a possibility, then a traumatic event like the fall may simply have seriously worsened those pre-existing symptoms.

    In any event, it does seem that his decline needs to be properly assessed. There may be medication that could help to calm him down.

    I'm sure other members will share their thought here.
  4. southlucia

    southlucia Registered User

    Dec 19, 2011
    Hi Equinn

    I can relate to this. My dad had these symptoms, although at the time I didn't know this was Capgras. He was showing signs of possible dementia beforehand, but his decline was very sudden. He lived alone, so we were unsure of the cause of this sudden decline. He would talk of having two homes, and would refer to returning to his other home, rather than the first one. He duplicated my half brother and referred to him as the 'other Mike', who looked just like him, but wasn't him. He'd also tell me that his house was facing the wrong way/ higher or lower than the houses facing his/back to front/in the wrong place. My dad was hallucinating badly too. I just tried to reassure him rather than to correct, which wasn't easy, but I learned very fast that his perception was correct to him. He became very agitated and angry. Dad has FTD and possible Lewy Bodies, but I understand this can occur with any brain disease or brain damage.
    Has your granddad seen a consultant?

    LOU_JONES Registered User

    Nov 18, 2015
    My nan was diagnosed last August.
    My Grandad was taken into hospital 3 weeks ago, he's ok now and home but during the 3 weeks she deterioted so much! She was getting up in the night saying she needed to go home, asking when her mum who died 40 years ago would be home and also if when my grandad came out of hospital if she minded her living with him.
    The change of him not being there has sent her into orbit, now he's home she's marginally better. Not quite the same but I don't think it's abnormal - it's so hard as no one knows why they do anything. We can all just be there for our loved ones. Breaks my heart to see my nan like that and also to see my grandad so worn out with his wife who isn't the person he married mentally.
    Hope your nan and grandad are ok X

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