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Can a BI Assessment be overturned?


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Aug 26, 2015
My father has end stage dementia and needs full nursing care as he cannot do anything himself. He cannot walk, talk or recognise anyone. He is sat in a chair all day and has to be spoon fed liquidised food and thickened drinks due to poor swallowing. The Local Authority and his Consultant prepared a Best Interest Assessment in Dec 2014 and the decision was that he should NOT be moved. He is now the only person in the ward and the CCG are preparing forms to have him discharged. He has been in this ward for 12 years with the same staff that know his needs. Can this BI be overturned as his new Consultant feels that the December BI was wrong?


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Aug 24, 2013
Discharged to where? If he's the only patient on the ward is it being closed?
Is the situation there's a new consultant and he want's him out when the previous consultant and the LA said he shouldn't be moved so he's on his own overturning the BI decision?
I'm not quite with it.