Calmer times


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Feb 15, 2015
North Somerset
Dad lived with us till Christmas, with steadily progressing Alzheimers. With daycare and carer it was just about OK for all of us. At Christmas things took a difficult turn with Dad waking dozens of times a night, getting dressed, wandering , falling. He was oblivious, perfectly happy the next day but he wasn't trying to get up for work every day ! We took hard decision to try him in the care home where he had been going for day care . He settled but took his wandering to new levels - they couldn't cope with him either. So he is now somewhere more secure and we are sure he is safe. Now hoping for a period of calm before the next challenge this disease throws at us!
Must say its lovely to be spontaneous again, not have to plan for dad 24/7. Someone else is doing that, and we can spend quality time with him, most days. We got so bogged down with caring I didn't enjoy his company any more - I wish I had seen that a year ago


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
Thank you for posting this. It will my my journey less fraught when our time comes to use a care home for respite and ultimately permanently. Hope he is settled.